For many Android is just a mobile OS. To you, it a way to explore your craft and push the boundaries of what is possible through technology. If you are looking for a place where you can realise your full potential while disrupting an industry at the same time – then please keep reading.

We are looking for a technically forward-thinking, team player to join us on our journey to put a mark on the world and revolutionize the banking industry. We search for someone willing to innovate, develop and grow amazing new products, built upon a foundation of dazzling user interfaces, user-centered features, and high-quality code. We hope that you are up for a good challenge and strive to turn concepts into life but most importantly, we are looking for someone who is in it to win it - as a team!


What you will do

Together, we will create new, enriching experiences through banking technology. Your expertise in Android development will be crucial towards this goal. As part of our team, you will be expected to:

  • Code. Design and implement new user-facing features
  • Learn & Teach. Pay attention to the practices and methodology used and share the knowledge with other team-members.
  • Cross-collaborate. Investigate design approaches, propose and evaluate usage of new technologies and analyze technical feasibility of different solutions
  • Prototype. Test possible new solutions before embarking on long term projects.
    Constantly review and revise front-end performance of our user-facing applications.
  • Care & Dare. Take initiative and present own ideas and develop solutions with high level of performance and quality.


What we will need from you

  • Experience in working with Android development in Java / Kotlin. Some experience in web development is also appreciated.
  • Experience in interacting with cloud-hosted web services (AWS and/or GCP)
  • Experience with integrations of third party libraries and solutions
  • Experience or interest in building and maintaining scalable codebases.
  • A strong interest in taking on new challenges to push technology forward and to stay up to date on technologies/techniques.
  • Build solid solutions that are easy to integrate with other systems/technologies.
  • Understanding of design patterns and writing reusable, modular code.
  • Experience or a strong interest in developing software with high quality.
  • Good communication skill, full of passion and curiosity.


What do you get in return

This is a unique opportunity to be part of an exciting initiative that is extraordinary in its way it is setup and because of its purpose. Your knowledge, personality and drive will be key for SEBx to succeed. You will be early on to this journey and will have the opportunity to influence the culture, the way of working as well as the product. All of these benefits are hard to beat, but most importantly, we believe that working together with outstanding colleagues, will probably be the most valuable benefit for you.