There are not many times in one’s career when one gets the opportunity to build something completely from scratch while being able to draw from an extensive range of experiences, resources and networks from one of Europe’s strongest financial institutions. But this is one. At SEBx, we are now looking for a Chief Financial Officer who will take a leading role in the team and establish the financial function, build a team and develop it as the business grows and expands. We are looking for a true team player who has a deep understanding of the financial craft and who enjoys to alternate between hands-on financial tasks and strategic business development. We are looking for someone who always keeps the customer in mind and who is longing to explore new ways of working, has an entrepreneurial mindset and is used to thinking outside the box.

Broadly speaking, we are looking for:

  • Extensive knowledge about Financial Services
  • Interest in and knowledge about financial products and services
  • Experience from other industries is a bonus
  • Experience and interest in banking and tech related risk
  • You have leadership qualities and you are used to, or have an urge to lead others
  • You enjoy contributing to a strong cross functional team but are also comfortable with independent work
  • You look for a strong vision that you can connect with, and with that in mind, you are keen to get on with your contribution
  • You take initiative and enjoy being responsible and accountable for your work

What you will do

As our business evolves continuously and rapidly, your responsibilities will change over time. Being first out of the gate in the Finance domain, day one will include plenty of roll-your-sleeves-up kind of stuff making sure you get to put your mark on the venture, as well as understanding our business like no one else. And as the business grows in volumes, customers, geographies or products, you will have to orchestrate the financial aspects of everything that we do from pricing through to capital management, financial reporting and strategy.

Examples of your tasks and responsibilities:

  • Forecast, plan and execute on the financial agenda
  • Partake in strategy work around business model monetization, pricing and scaling
  • Responsibility for financial control
  • Responsibility for vendor management
  • Build a team that can support the business as it grows
  • Contribute to creation of the finance systems and data standards
  • Surprise us!

What do you get in return
This is a unique opportunity to be part of the SEBx journey at an early stage. In this critical role, your knowledge and personality is key for SEBx to grow, scale and succeed. Together with the SEBx team, you will develop the business and you will get the opportunity to influence the corporate culture, values and core beliefs. You will also get the chance to work with outstanding colleagues (which in itself should be a taxable benefit, but it’s not:). We are looking forward to your application!