We’re looking for a Product Designer with sharp visual skills and an entrepreneurial spirit to pioneer the next generation of financial services. You will play a central role in shaping the future of UNQUO – the first banking product created by SEBx, aiming to help the self-employed manage their work and life finances. The app is currently in Beta phase, which means you have an opportunity to become part of an exciting journey with many unknowns and lots of freedom to shape the product's future.


What you will do

  • Design core product functionality in close collaboration with other designers, product owners, engineers and data analysts.
  • Help set the visual brand expression and translate it into delightful, mobile-native design components.
  • Work on the visual ingredients of app UI, such as typography, iconography, illustrations, transitions and animations.
  • Actively identify opportunities for improving the product experience, help shape the product roadmap and come up with concepts that add user value.
  • Prototype future product ideas and translate product vision into tangible concepts.
  • Conduct user testing and work with data to validate your assumptions and iterate on your designs.
  • Be part of molding ways-of-working and how SEBx works with design.


Who you are

  • You have 5+ years of experience in UI, visual or product designer roles, and a solid portfolio showing your work and your design process.
  • You are well-acquainted with mobile UI, know how to design for iOS and Android and communicate your proposals to developers.
  • You are comfortable with Figma, familiar with a couple of prototyping tools and know how to use animation to make an interface feel snappy and fluid.
  • You believe there is no single solution to a problem and do tons of explorations before you decide on a direction.
  • You have an iterative mindset and can grasp the level of the design required for a current goal. You know when it's worth polishing the details and when it can be saved for later.
  • You frequently share you work-in-progress to receive feedback, and are comfortable with giving design critique to others. You love to involve the whole team in your design process and continuously bounce ideas with engineers.
  • You think the self-employed are an exciting user base to design for, and you'll do your best to understand their daily challenges and pain points.


What’s in it for you

This is a unique opportunity to be part of an exciting initiative that is extraordinary in its way it is setup and because of its purpose. Your knowledge, personality and drive will be key for SEBx to succeed. You will be early on to this journey and will have the opportunity to influence the culture, the way of working as well as the product. All of these benefits are hard to beat, but most importantly, we believe that working together with outstanding colleagues, will probably be the most valuable benefit for you.