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Fintech startup

We aspire to bring together the strengths of an incumbent with the speed and agility of a startup to design next-generation financial services.
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Building and enabling better financial services

SEBx was founded in 2018 with the purpose of exploring new technologies and developing new customer offerings. We do this by combining the speed, agility, and legacy-free infrastructure of a fintech startup, with the trust, experience, capital, license, and knowledge of an incumbent. Being an independent innovation studio within the SEB Group, we can leverage on both of these worlds. We fuel innovation by our aspiration to build and power financial services in new ways.

Our Story

Driving radical innovation in an established organization can be challenging. To address this challenge, SEB's CEO, Johan Torgeby, together with a small group of people decided to put together a team at the fringe of the organization, outside conventional structures, and legacy processes, but with full access to everything the bank has to offer. It was decided that the team itself would have the mandate to choose the best way to proceed from there. This is one of the ways in which SEB is dealing with disruption. This is the story of SEBx.


The innovation studio SEBx started in 2018 with the task of exploring new technology and new business models. The assignment relatively quickly became focused on building a scalable core platform that can be used both to create own products and for external partners. In 2022, SEBx got its first external customer and based on that, SEB decided to scale up and commercialize the operations in the form of a new business unit, SEB Embedded.


In parallel with this, the innovation studio restarts in the form of SEBx 2.0. The mission continues to be to explore new technology and new business models with a focus on identifying potential development initiatives within, for example, AI or Internet-of-things. The work is broad and unconditional and involves contact with researchers, tech companies, customers, and internal stakeholders.

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