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AI Bootcamp

September 28, 2023. Application Deadline: September 7, 2023. Virtual Event

Virtual Event
Virtual Event




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Event Overview

As the influence of generative AI steadily grows, it is increasingly becoming a crucial component within the developer's toolbox. Combient and Combient Mix, together with SEB and WARA Media and Language, are partnering with NVIDIA and OpenACC organization to offer the Gen AI Bootcamp.

This hands-on, virtual bootcamp will present the fundamentals of generative AI with a sole focus on orchestrating Large Language Models (LLMs) in a conversational flow; introduce NVIDIA® NeMo™ Guardrails frameworks for developing applications powered by LLMs; explore levels of control using NeMo Guardrails to set different boundaries; and cover how to utilize LLMs in everyday work.

This distinctive learning opportunity will help empower practitioners within the Combient network to remain at the forefront of this technological transformation. Additionally, participation in this Bootcamp will equip you with the prerequisite skills to compete and excel in our planned upcoming Gen AI Hackathon.

Read more and apply at Open Hackathons