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SEBx guests at the WARA Media & Language Podcast

Two SEBx colleagues were guests on the WARA Media & Language Podcast, discussing innovation within corporations, NLP research, AI adoption, and the reliability of systems like ChatGPT.

From WARA Media & Language Podcast
From WARA Media & Language Podcast



SEBx team logoSEBx team

We recently released the first version of our own SEBx podcast which you can find here. If you cannot get enough of podcasts about AI and the future of technology you can listen to two of our collogues who were guests at the WARA Media & Language Podcast. WARA Media’s mission is to build a multidisciplinary ecosystem around Media AI, connecting scientific fields and a diversity of industrial segments.

Listen here: Innovating within a traditional sector with Nicolas Moch from SEBx

In this episode we talk about innovating within a big corporation and why the connection to academia is important. We also get into regulations and the importance of customer relations. In the end we walk down memory lane of how the NLP track of WARA started and the role of Nicolas in the board of WASP.

Listen here: Research and AI adoption with Anastasia Varava from SEBx

In this episode we talk about research within NLP and how it can be applied within the industry. We discuss ChatGPT and the reliability, explainability, ethics and biases of these kinds of systems. We talk about AI adoption and different user cases where AI may be used in the industry and in different products. We also discuss if bigger models are always better, what do you think?